Timelapse video of Single Cell turning into a full organism (Video)

What an incredible time lapse event to capture cell differentiation from a zygote all the way to a complete organism.

Timelapse video below: Source: http://digg.com/video/cell-division-time-lapse?utm_source=digg&utm_medium=email

Mood Meter: How are you feeling today?

How good are you at reading people's emotions? Test your emotional intelligence with this quiz from the NY Times.

The importance of emotional intelligence cannot be stressed enough. It is important for us to be able to able to 1) recognise our mood 2) accurately describe how we are feeling so that we are able to self reflect and decide whether or not we want to stay in that feeling, or attempt to move to another quadrant.

These are some helpful strategies that I have discovered when it comes to mood meter and emotional intelligence. If you have resources in this topic, please do share as well. I think it can truly empower students to take charge of their feelings and advocate for their own self improvements!

Overview of the Mood Meter from Yale Emotional Intelligence Center: Video here
Yale Emotional Intelligence: Mood Meter from Mark W on Vimeo.

Another clip introduces the general usage of the Mood Meter for everyone. Watch video here:
Early Videos 07 - The Mood Meter: An Introduction from Yale Center for EI on Vimeo.

The App to download regarding Mood Meter?

Why WildFires are getting worse and what we can do about them [TedTalk]

Now that the wildfires in California are in the news once again, this is an incredible talk by the scientist Paul Hessburg that explains the complexity of the problem and what actions we can actually take to mitigate the problem. Personally, I am in favor of prescribed burning and other creative designs to solve this life-threatening issue of our times. Just as we caused the problem, we need to think big and apply design-based solutions. How do you feel about our role in causing these wildfires and how realistic these solutions might be?

Why all the maps of the world are wrong (via VOX)

I decided to put up a world map in my classroom so that we can constantly refer to the world throughout our class. Whether it involves discoveries or science news, in order to be a citizen of the world, the important of being aware of geography needs to stressed more in the classroom.

Watch the video titled "Why all the maps are wrong" from VOX here:

Now compare the actual size of countries with each other using this link:

Another way to promote a love of world maps is via playing GeoGuessr.com
Will encourage students to play the game more often, so they are aware of how the rest of the world looks.

2018-2019 School Year One Page Visual High School Planner #BacktoSchool

Updated for the upcoming 2018-2019 School Year one page visual PLANNER!

One of my favorite back to school resources that I work on is the following academic planner. As an educator, it is extremely important to be able to see the big picture so we can plan effectively. Over the past three years, I designed this one page (double sided) school calendar that tries to organize the school year in a visual manner. The goal is to put in all of the holidays and the exams that can really help you use the latest most accurate data and plan out your school year knowing when your vacations are. The instruction days are actually the real days that matter, which is why this planner is so special, since it helps you track the big picture.

Well, this upcoming school year is no exception. I have improved the calendar a lot over the years. For example, I put in all of the main AP Exams as well as all of the Regents Exams. The fact that everything fits into one page (double sided) is one of the most powerful aspect of this planner. The planner also has a place for you to keep track of weekly labs or notes for each week for then entire school year. One page for Fall and One page for Spring. Parent Teacher conference dates as well as Regents and AP Exam dates for high schools are also included.  The PDF file keeps the format intact. If you wish to edit the word document, check out the TpT store.

Have a successful new school year 2018-2019!

Download the PDF file below, which ensures that the format stays intact

Thousand Digits of Pi for Pi Day 3.14

What if you could keep track of how many digits of Pi you are able to memorize in one sheet? I designed this page for that specific purpose as we promote Pi digit memorizing contests in our school. This one page paper is easy to print and promote Pi Day.

Download the sheet by clicking here

Some other useful Pi Day Resources:

Some of my best Pi Day Videos from the web:

4K Drone Travel Video of the Butterfly Island Guadeloupe by pjamal.com

Highlights from the incredible trip to the French island of Guadeloupe including Drone 4K shots and beautiful french music that we discovered while on the island. Check out the beaches, waterfall, La Soufriere Volcano, rainbows as well as memorable moments during the one week family vacation.

If the video is not loading, then click here. Be sure to take advantage of the 4K quality of the video.

Screenshot from Guadeloupe Video

Where is Guadeloupe?

Check out the map below. We stayed only on Basse-Terre, which had access to the volcanoes and the other hiking opportunities. Can you tell the butterfly shape of the island?