#BackToSchool SY2019-2020 Visual Planner

Download the Free PDF file below from TpT, which ensures that the format stays intact. The word document is available for purchase so you can make changes to the calendar.
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Updated for the upcoming 2019-2020 School Year one page visual PLANNER! 
One of my favorite back to school resources that I work on is the following academic planner. As an educator, it is extremely important to be able to see the big picture so we can plan effectively. Over the past three years, I designed this one page (double sided) school calendar that tries to organize the school year in a visual manner. The goal is to put in all of the holidays and the exams that can really help you use the latest most accurate data and plan out your school year knowing when your vacations are. The instruction days are actually the real days that matter, which is why this planner is so special, since it helps you track the big picture.

Well, this upcoming school year is no exception. I have improved the calendar a lot over the years. For example, I put in all of the main AP Exams as well as all of the Regents Exams. The fact that everything fits into one page (double sided) is one of the most powerful aspect of this planner. The planner also has a place for you to keep track of weekly labs or notes for each week for then entire school year. One page for Fall and One page for Spring. Parent Teacher conference dates as well as Regents and AP Exam dates for high schools are also included.  The PDF file keeps the format intact. If you wish to edit the word document, check out the TpT store.

Have a successful new school year 2019-2020!