Mood Meter: How are you feeling today?

How good are you at reading people's emotions? Test your emotional intelligence with this quiz from the NY Times.

The importance of emotional intelligence cannot be stressed enough. It is important for us to be able to able to 1) recognise our mood 2) accurately describe how we are feeling so that we are able to self reflect and decide whether or not we want to stay in that feeling, or attempt to move to another quadrant.

These are some helpful strategies that I have discovered when it comes to mood meter and emotional intelligence. If you have resources in this topic, please do share as well. I think it can truly empower students to take charge of their feelings and advocate for their own self improvements!

Overview of the Mood Meter from Yale Emotional Intelligence Center: Video here
Yale Emotional Intelligence: Mood Meter from Mark W on Vimeo.

Another clip introduces the general usage of the Mood Meter for everyone. Watch video here:
Early Videos 07 - The Mood Meter: An Introduction from Yale Center for EI on Vimeo.

The App to download regarding Mood Meter?

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