My Favorite Free App of the Month: iNaturalist App

Ever wondered how many different species are in your backyard? How often have you looked at a plant or a mushroom and wondered what it's called? Now there is an App for that where you can help make observations, share your finding and peer review, which is what science is all about. Help identify the diversity of organism around you from the power of your phone with the iNaturalist App where it is for Apple or Android. You actually get to help scientists collect data with your observations and it's the best form of Citizen Science. You can set up projects to track the observations made in your own neighborhood. Here is an example

PBS Clip Below Explains the power of this App

Here is how the iNaturalist App works (in 1 minute)

Happy Discoveries and daily observations to get to know the natural world around you. 

Go you Citizen Scientist!

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