Celebrate EPA'S Air Quality Awareness Week (May 6 - May 10)

What's today's AQI?

Every Year EPA hosts Air Quality Awareness Week and this year it will be celebrated May 6–May 10, 2024. Here is a Newsletter from EPA for AQAW 2024

The United Nations (UN) also has several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are worldwide goals directly related to air pollution:

  • SDG 3.9.1: A substantial reduction in deaths and illnesses from air pollution 
  • SDG 11.6.2: An improvement in air quality to reduce the environmental impact of cities

This creates a great opportunity for everyone to engage in air quality awareness activities to improve our individual practices. 

Theme this year is "Knowing your Air" and the topics are:

Monday, May 6 - Wild Fires and Smoke

Tuesday, May 7 - World Asthma Day 

Wednesday, May 8 - Air Quality and Climate

Thursday, May 9 - Air Quality and Environmental Justice 

Friday, May 10 - Air, Animals and Plants 

Campaign from WHO to reduce Air Pollution

It is worth paying attention to AQI (Air Quality Index). I know that we personally invested in Air Purifiers at home and at work. Even Google Maps and Apple Maps have AQI numbers built into their maps now as documented below -

Our Green Team also runs the Purple Air Sensor where you can track indoor air quality.

Air Pollution is such a silent killer because we cannot see the air that we breathe. There are helpful apps out there that help you track the actual air that you are breathing. Apps such as Breezometer where you can trace the quality of the air locally around you, as well as make predictions about routes that you might want to take instead. 

The CDC recommends the following when the AQI is not optimal:

  • Think about spending more time indoors, where ozone levels are usually lower
  • Choose easier outdoor activities (like walking instead of running) so you don’t breathe as hard
  • Plan outdoor activities at times when ozone levels are lower (usually in the morning and evening)
  • Avoid busy roads and highways where particle pollution is usually worse because of emissions from cars and trucks
Lastly, there is a fantastic inquiry based activity from Concord to understand Air Quality if you are an educator.

Here's to Clean Air for All and Happy Air Quality Awareness Week


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