Welcome To Mr. Jamal's Class

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2) Be Attentive
3) Be Prepared
4) Be On Time

All communications are securely conducted via JupiterGrades. Please check Jupiter to see how you are doing in class and for class discussions and conversations.

Daily Class Participation is tracked via ClassDoJo for grouping purposes.

Additionally, I send out occasional reminders or notifications via Remind.com App.

Which STEM-themed channels do I love?

  1. It's Okay to be SMART - Facebook | YouTube
  2. Smarter Everyday - Facebook | YouTube
  3. ASAP Science - Facebook | YouTube
  4. Bozeman Science - Facebook | YouTube
  5. VOX Science - YouTube  
  6. SciShow - YouTube
  7. Veritasium - YouTube | Facebook
  8. Numberphile - YouTube
  9. KhanAcademy - YouTube
  10. Minute Earth - YouTube
  11. Crash Course - YouTube
  12. Ted-Ed - YouTube

Which Science News websites do I love?

  1. NY Times Science
  2. Newsela Science 
  3. Google News Science

EduSciTech is also trying to organize the best resources out there for Science Teachers. Bookmark this page as new useful links get added very frequently. Let EduSciTech you know of other useful resources that should be added to this page. (Growing List)


1) CU Protocol - (Circle, Underline) 
When answering multiple choice questions on an exam, always look for the OBVIOUS two wrong answers FIRST. Then pick your best choice between the other two choices.

2)ABCD College Degree Protocol - For Self Diagnosis
TeamA has an Associates Degree. 
TeamB has a Bachelors Degree. 
TeamC has a Masters College Degree. 
TeamD has a Doctorate Degree (PhD)

3) Daily Reflections: End of Class 3W - Wow, What, Wonder for Weekly Grade!

During the last five minutes of each class, you must reflect on the lesson for the day and fill out your Daily 3W in JupiterEd. Write complete sentences.

Wow - ONE Realization you had at the end of the lesson based on the topic that was covered in today's lesson.

What - ONE Idea or covered concept from the day that is still unclear or something that confuses you.

Wonder - ONE QUESTION you had or something that you are curious about based on today's lesson.

Lastly, Respond to ONE of your other classmate's posts by answering their questions, once you have posted your own response for the A+ Weekly Participation Grade!


(40% Exams | 20% Classwork | 20% HW | 20% Labs)
Check Plus Plus or A+ = 101% Impressive Efforts / Well Above Standard  
Check Plus  or A = 100% Excellent Efforts / Above Standard
Check  or B = 89% Great Efforts / Standard Met
Check Minus or C = 70% Poor Efforts / Standard Not Met  

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