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Lesson Planning Mentality
Throughout my teaching career, I noticed some very complicated and often not so friendly lesson plans. It was more important to me that the lesson plan is easy to read and follow.

One of my mentors taught me that the whole point of lesson plans is to ask a series of question to get students from Point A to Point B, in a sequential manner that makes the most sense and easiest for students to grasp the concept. Rather than lecturing, get students to struggle and discover the concept. It takes skills and time to develop great lesson plans and students need multiple entry to engage in the lesson. Choice is also a very powerful tool in your lessons because it differentiates and engages the variety of learners in your classroom.

My recommendation is also that the lesson plan is in a Google Docs format, so that easy collaboration can take place (in case you teach ICT classes or feel like collaborating with another teacher). Download my lesson plan template here or by clicking the image below. Feel free to use and modify this document to your liking - there is no one size fits all, but there are BEST practices. If you have other useful templates or strategies that you use for your lesson plans, I encourage you to comment below.

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