Free App: Remind to improve communication with students!

Screenshot: App

One of my favorite teaching tools to stay in touch with students and their parents is through the Remind App. It lets me schedule messages to send to students directly to their cell phones without sharing my cell phone number with them.

The set up is very intuitive and easy for tech-phobic teachers as well as for students and parents. Since most students already carry a cell phone with them, this is a perfect way to improve your communications with your classroom.

Be warned: If your short SMS is not turned on by your phone provider, then you will not be able to get the text messages. My recommendation is to encourage your students to download the App, so they can not only get the message, but you can get feedback if they received your message or not. Two-way communications are always the best way to get feedback and stay on the same page.

Sign Up for the Remind Website here:

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