More Evidence Against Vitamin Use -

Just when you thought vitamins were good for you, out comes a study to make you question how effective vitamins can actually be for your body. The study, which seems to conclude that vitamin E can actually increase your risk of getting prostate cancer is a scary reminder that we live in a dangerous world and we have a lot to learn about what is actually healthy for our body. More and more long term studies are needed to truly get to the bottom of this scientific mystery. For now, try to be mindful of how much vitamin E you are taking.

"A study of vitamin E and selenium use among 35,000 men found that the vitamin users had a slightly higher risk of developing prostate cancer, according to a report published Tuesday in The Journal of the American Medical Association. A separate study of 38,000 women in Iowa found a higher risk of dying during a 19-year period among older women who used multivitamins and other supplements compared with women who did not, according to a new report in The Archives of Internal Medicine."

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