Decision to switch back to Blogger

I am incredibly happy with the 51,217 views that I have received so far on my EduSciTech blog. The site had served its needs well. It was incredibly easy to share new articles and findings with autopost options to post directly to Facebook and twitter. While the blog has been incredibly successful, it was time to evolve to the next phase. Change is one constant in life and so I explored my options before deciding to move back to blogger (original home of EduSciTech) for several reasons.
  1. I <3 Google.
  2. Google Blogger has matured incredibly over the years and I really commend Larry Page's decision to try to have more cohesion with the different google services.
  3. The Analytics built into Google Blogger is much more extensive and seems smooth compared to what posterous offers.
  4. iOS 5 will have Twitter integrated, so I thought it was time for EduSciTech to be twitter focused as well so that I can share my incredible finds on the go through my iPhone 4s.
  5. I forgot how much I missed the customized Widgets within Google Blogger. Posterous seems like a closed platform compared to Google Blogger and their commitment to open platforms.
  6. It was a pain to switch back to Google Blogger. I had to use wordpress as an intermediary before being able to switch all of my posts to this new platform. I also have to reformat a lot of the posts from before but going forward, I am incredibly excited for EduSciTech's new home.
  7. Visitor Poll. Yes, I can finally engage my visitors and get feedback from them about what they like/dislike.
  8. Opportunity to monetize. Google Blogger actually has a built in feature to show ads, which makes my life easier.
Back to lesson planning. Super excited about the new website and the new possibilities.

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