The Problem with Black Friday and Try Buy Nothing Instead


Hope you are rethinking the consumer culture of Black Friday and making more sustainable and greener choices during every holiday season. 

"But Black Friday’s environmental impact doesn’t stop the moment the products land on our doorsteps. No—Black Friday promotes overconsumption, pushing consumerism to its extremes by telling us we need more unnecessary, unwanted, cheap goods made from poor-quality, unsustainable materials. And what happens when we realise that juicy deal is falling apart? Most of us throw it away. In fact, one study has suggested that up to 80% of our Black Friday purchases are thrown away after just one or even zero uses." Source:

Continue your Greener practices of Reduce first, then Refuse, followed by Reuse and finally Recycle. One of my favorite alternatives is Local Buy Nothing Groups or Used Book exchanges with families and friends. 

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