Nobel Week Dialogue 2020 - Future of Education: Challenge of Learning [Full Video]

"For the first time the Nobel Week Dialogue was open to all as we brought Nobel Laureates and experts together online to discuss the challenge of learning.

Speakers included world-renowned pianist Igor Levit, African Development Bank Group president Akinwumi Adesina and eight Nobel Laureates, including 2020 Chemistry Laureate Emmanuelle Charpentier, awarded the Nobel Prize for her work on CRISPR."

On December 9th, 2020 a group of Nobel laureates took part in discussions regarding the future of education and how to inspire the next generation. This was all part of the Nobel Week Dialogue 2020 and it was a pleasure to take part in the three hour conversations. Totally worth waking up 7am in the morning till 10:30am ET on a Wednesday. There was a lot to reflect on and to be thankful for. The focus on STEAM as well as the importance of creativity was worth noting during this conference. Continue to be curious, learn from experts, and stay engaged on your own never-ending journey of learning! Enjoy the entire 3 hours 40 minutes conversations on-demand - so you have the power to control the pace based on your needs!


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