My first experience with Meatless as our future! (Vox Video)

Over the years, I have slowly moved away from beef for health reasons (family history of diabetes), plus my wife, who is a pescatarian, pushes me to eat healthier. I recently had the chance to try out the impossible burger for the first time due to a TMobile Tuesday offer of Free Impossible Burger from Burger King. Seems like a great time as any to give it a shot and I couldn’t tell the difference. 

It also makes sense that I am reading how the pandemic has seen a skyrocket higher sales of these plant based MEATLESS diets. Check out this awesome story from Vox discussing how IKEA, Pandera bread and all types of companies are also moving towards this positive trend. 

It also makes sense because Beef is the number one choice we have in terms of our diet and what we can do to personally fight the climate crisis. The following clip inspired me to take action and hope it does the same for you! 

Let impossible meat and burgers be the norm in our near future as we move away from beef as the exception for the sake of our planet. 

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