Summer Literacy through NEWSELA

Summer Literacy is one of the utmost importance to me as well as to students. One easy way to stay engaged with both stories and improving your literacy is to take part in Newsela's Camp summer. The 10 weeks program starts on June 12th and will end in August.

There is an App for your iPhone, so you could be reading on the go with your smartphone this summer.

Below is some crucial information regarding this program from Newsela:

How it works

  • Students log in to Newsela and join one or more of the Newsela-hosted Reading Clubs listed below.
  • Every Monday and Wednesday, educators at Newsela will assign one article that falls under the theme of the Reading Club.
  • Students read each assigned article and take the quiz.
  • When the Camp Newsela ends on Friday, August 19, we'll calculate how many students have read and completed at least 80% of the assignments and achieved a score of at least 2 of 4 on the quizzes.
  • The winning Reading Clubs will be offered the chance to vote to contribute towards a DonorsChoose project.

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