Teacher Tool: Kaizena for personalized feedback

I strongly believe in the philosophy that feedback is the key to improving. Discovered this incredible website that makes the feedback process much simpler.  

The website is called Kaizena, which is a Japanese philosophy for continuous improvement. The website allows you to provide personalized audio feedback and add resources to your student's Google documents. This is a very powerful tool  since there are times when the person giving you feedback prefers telling you which areas to focus on - and simply giving you a resource to check out. When you are in charge of grading hundreds of papers, it helps to simplify and streamline that feedback process. 

The YouTube video below demonstrates how to use Kaizen from a great educator -

Hope you find this tool helpful. Let me know how you end up using this tool - or if there is a better way to give feedback to your students. Everyone loves choices, so if there is a better tool out there - I would love to know about it. 

Knowledge is power,
Mr. Jamal

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