Free App: Citymapper to improve travels

Free City Mapper App for a smarter commute!

I am constantly on the look out for ways to improve commute. With the availability of GPS and tons of different modes of transport, it's nice to have an app that consolidates all of the information to help you make more informed decisions based on real-time data. The app has a health aspect to it as it points out how much calories you will burn if you walk to bike. Public modes of transportation such as Citibike and Ferry are available with real-time information. Additionally, the app was designed to be visually pleasing and show nearest bus and train location (along with those real-time service changes). Lastly, Uber is built in to the app along with estimated fare as well as the information on how far away the  nearest uber driver is. 

Technology, more specifically, access to real-time data technology can make us more efficient and informed about making smarter choices. 

Hope you take advantage of this free app and benefit from it as I have. There are competitors out there, and that's the beautiful thing about these apps, because consumers benefit from competition. 

Enjoy your commute! If you Have other favorite commute apps, comment on it below to share your findings as well. 

Check out the screenshots below:

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