Best Practice: How to keep work life separate from personal life ONLINE.

Screenshot: Swipe four fingers up on your Mac.
One Desktop for Work Browser (the website I designed) and One Desktop for Personal Browser. 

1) Keep two desktops on your Mac. One for work and one for personal. You can easily switch between desktops with the four finger swipe. This lets you toggle between personal and work accounts.

2) Use two different browsers. One for work and one for personal usage. My preference is the Safari browser for work and Google Chrome for personal use. The reason for this is that Chrome lets you install extensions such as the Google Voice Extension that allows me to text from the browser. Clearly, I want to keep that separate from my work life. So you always login to personal accounts with one browser and use a different browser for work. Another reason is that Chrome can be glitchy with websites, much more often than Safari (at least in my experience).

3) Another reason to use Safari browser for work is that Safari lets you add websites to your Reading List which can be viewed in offline mode. The internet is not always readily available everywhere in the school, which makes this Safari feature quite useful.

I also feel quite productive by following this simple trick. I think we take for granted, the amount of time spent searching for websites and logging into them, when we could immediately get to the point as soon as we open our personal laptops.

Let me know if you found this best practice useful. Any other tips or suggestions? Do share.

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