– Incredible visual video explaining Type 2 diabetes

One of the leading organizations that create visual health related videos is trying to raise awareness for Type 2 diabetes and obesity in the US. By 2050, if the current trend continues, one in three individuals will have Type 2 diabetes in the US. This is a staggering statistics that we all have a personal and moral responsibility to fight against. The video does a really great job of visually explaining diabetes. Watch the video (about 5 minutes) using the link below, share it with everyone you know and be mindful of the kind of healthy lifestyle you and your loved ones live.

Type 2 Diabetes (VIDEO)

"Go deep inside your body to see how type 2 diabetes happens, what it does to your body—and what you can do about it. Diabetes expert Dr. David Katz of the Yale Prevention Research Center talks about the frightening future of diabetes: in just a few decades, one third of all Americans may have diabetes. See the pancreas, where insulin is produced. Real imaging data reveals the body’s inner anatomy slice by slice, from brain to base of spine. Dr. Cynthia Geyer of Canyon Ranch talks about how insulin resistance develops. View its results, as visceral abdominal fat builds up and chokes the vital organs. Discover the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and find out if you should be tested. See the complications of diabetes, including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, vision damage, kidney disease, and gangrene. The good news? Diabetes is a highly manageable disease. Dr. Mark Liponis of Canyon Ranch talks about controlling your risk for type 2 diabetes and, by managing it, reversing its symptoms and literally slowing the aging process."

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  1. As informative as the video is, I think it would still be better to have something like an medical symptoms checker to work with. At least with that, you can read and more easily make a symptoms checklist for cross-referencing.

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  3. Some of my friend father face this Diabetes problems and i feel that there is no any medicine for this disease.