12 year old gives a Ted talk about creating his own apps

If you have the interest, there is nothing you cannot accomplish. My brother actually took a similar route in becoming the software developer that he is. I remember, he would just borrow books from the library on programming and just experiment with it. He didn't want to just play games, he wanted to create them. He is lucky to have realized his passion early on. I would highly urge those of you, who have the interest, to borrow some books from the library and just experiment with it. Find others who share your interest and they can help you reach your goals. If a 12 year old can create his own apps, what are you capable of? Do your part in making the world a better place.

In order to make great programs, you need to master the basics, which is where khanacademy comes in. Take your time to master basic math, so that you can harness the true potentials behind programming. You need to learn to walk before you can run =)

On a different note, I should point out his Steve Jobs-like presentation skills. Very impressive.

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