Tech Gadgets: Google Latitude

One of my favorite social networking "gadget" is the Google Latitude. While there are other social gadgets our there, such as Loopt, Fire eagle I have in fact tried them all and decided to go with Google latitude. I do have a soft spot for Google, but more than that, I do believe it is a superior product. I like the ability to truly control which friends can view my location and how often I update it. Since most of my friends are already on google, it makes sense to slowly adopt to the latitude to find out where they are. On more than one occasion, I have run into friends who happened to be around, thanks to google latitude. You no longer have to keep calling your friends to find out where they are. One of my friend pointed out "I will know next time you are running late for our meetings". I like the concept of accountability to my core. If I am truly running late, my friends can check to see traffic within the latitude interface and also precisely where I am. Contraty to popular belief, you do not need a phone to access google latitude. Simply Add Stuff --> Google latitude under more information, Visit:


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