Tech Gadgets: Google Voice

Oh Google, where would we be without you. So the latest phone service from google is utterly beautiful. It allows you to get a FREE phone number within your local Area code. When someone calls that number, you can CHOOSE which phones will ring. I feel that google actually puts the power of controlling your phone in your hands. Here are some of the features, that I find "cool" about Google voice:

  1. It sends you an email with transcript of the voicemail as well as the audio, so you never really have to pick up the phone. To be fair, the transcript is not very accurate.

  2. You can block phone numbers with the click of a button and the caller will hear "the person you called has disconnected their number"

  3. It allows you to receive SMS as well as make phone calls within US for free using your local number. In the day and age of cell phone, this might not mean much, but at least you can make long distance calls from pay phones (or other phones) by calling your local number.

  4. You can receive 25 free business card from as first time sign up for google voice.

You will need to be invited to get access to google voice. Sign up for an invite for Google Voice. To learn more, Click here

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