Happy Earth Day From EduSciTech

Earth Day is a big deal, but we need to celebrate it every day in pushing ourselves to be more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint. Reducing our carbon emissions is never going to be enough. We need to go carbon negative as Microsoft and others are proposing! For Earth Day, recommit yourself to achieve the 17 UN Sustainable Goals. Here are some helpful resources and videos that I came across to help celebrate Earth Day. 

  1. Greta Thunberg's Reminder IG post on how inadequate our climate actions continue to be.
  2. Take a Quiz to assess your knowledge of Climate Change
  3. 51 Earth Day Tips

One of my favorites, Bill Nye The Science Guy '77 also took part creating an Earth Day Musical as part of FaceBook Watch. This was inspiring and motivational to watch:

If you have other helpful and effective resources, feel free to share them as well.
The following is a T-Shirt from my friend who works at EPA. 

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