Think You Know the world? Challenge Your WorldView with this short quiz!

End of school year is a great opportunity to reflect and challenge your worldview. Now more than ever, we need to cherish truth and understand the dangers that the lack of facts/science can have on our democracy and our day to day decision making. The pandemic has taught us how events around the world have a way to affecting all of us, which is why it is crucial to be global minded. We need to promote more accurate data science as a way to better understand our world - by better monitoring and making progress by setting goals. GapMinder was created by the famous statistician Dr. Hans Rosling, who passed away in 2017. He is famous for his incredible visualization of the global health and growth over the years. His son, Ola Rosling continues his incredible work who recently gave this amazing talk to the UN SDG Goals post below. I was also curious about how COVID is affecting the SDG Goals, so this was a powerful video to watch and reflect on:

I would also highly recommend taking this interactive short quiz to better understand our implicit biases when it comes to our world view. I know it looks like an app, but it's actually just a website - so there is no downloading involved. I love how it uses mastery skill concepts because you can keep repeating this quiz till you demonstrate mastery of the facts when it comes to our world that we all share. Do your part in fighting lies and biases by promoting data science. Facts matter.

Just in case this is a new concept to you - here are the world's biggest problems being identified and tracked by the United Nation - The 17 SDG Goals with a deadline of 2030. Hopefully it puts into context, the privilege that you have and why you should focus on education to help solve the world's toughest challenges!

Source: YouTube

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