Leonard DiCaprio Documentary on Climate Change #BeforeTheFlood

Climate change is one of THE issues of our times. We only have one world, and yet, we are not doing enough to take better care of it. Happy to see one of my favorite actors, Leonard DiCaprio, take part in this documentary that has generated interest from around the world. In an effort to promote the documentary, it is widely available on almost all video streaming platforms for free - for limited time.

I decided to download the whole movie and play it for my students in the classroom to raise awareness on Climate Change. Not only is this covered in the curriculum, but my goal is to engage students to help solve problems of not just the present, but the future. We need critical thinkers who can solve the big pictures and folks who are aware of the issues and care enough to do something meaningful in their lives and influence others to positively affect our planet.

Amazon Video App allows you to "Rent" the video and download it for offline viewing. This is a useful feature especially when "Fast" internet might not be available to you. Take advantage of this tool to pre-download videos that you plan to show in your classroom, or in case you are planning a flight or know that won't have access to internet. 

Please visit www.beforetheflood.com to learn more. Watch the Trailer for the movie below -

"Before the Flood" Official Trailer from Positively 4th St. Productions on Vimeo.

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