KhanAcademy Brilliance: Start the new school year with a challenge!

Signed up for KhanAcademy Challenge

The Brilliance of KhanAcademy

What better way to start the new school year, than with a challenge from KhanAcademy. In order to sign students up for this challenge, Khan Academy is having students type up that they certify to try their best to succeed in this challenge. Psychologically, students will feel a sense of ownership when taking part in this. Also, this is just during the beginning of the school year for the long weekend, when students are most likely to be excited about school. My hope is that this turns into a routine, not just for me, but for my students as well. I went ahead and signed up for this challenge and will try to improve my math skills starting with this challenge. Go sign up if you haven't already. Let's earn some badges! What are your thoughts on this endeavor?

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