Cool Science Video: Unlocking the secrets of the inner earth!

What is the single most important element in the universe? Hands down -Carbon.

Explore how deep we have gone inside of the earth through this visually appealing video from Smithsonian. I don't know about you, but the collaboration between 1,000 scientists from 40 different countries to figure out the big essential questions, posted in the video, greatly inspires me! I am fascinated by the fact that we actually have microbes living that deep inside of the earth. Although, I am sure the companies funding the project are interested in something worth more than diamond, who knows what kind of new materials will be discovered in the process. Thanks to my colleague, Robert, for sharing this video!

Source of video: Smithsonian

The role of deep carbon in geological processes is controlled at a fundamental level by atomic-scale structure and bonding. Image from "Physics & Chemistry" DCO directorate final proposal. Image Credit/Source:

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