Reflections on why I chose Apple 5s over Moto X

My iPhone 4s had died on me last month, which made me sell it on Craigslist for $100. I had been painstakingly using iPhone 4 (8GB). What I missed the most about my iPhone 4s was my personal assistant Siri and the ability to present lessons directly from my iPhone (mirroring does not work on iPhone 4).

This made me question whether I should switch over to Android and pick up the Moto X. I definitely liked the idea of a voice recognized Touchless "OK, GOOGLE NOW" assistant. I was also interested in the two seconds photo feature simply by twisting your hands. Additionally, I thought it was generous of Google to offer 65GB of Google Drive storage that came with the Moto X. The fact that the phone was assembled in the US made me feel patriotic even. However, after conversing with my brother, it became clear that the security features of iPhone 5s are vastly superior to Android. Apple is certainly innovating with their thumb scan technology. I also did not want a phone made out of plastic. Photography is also really important to me and so the SLR-like camera feature coupled with 120fps slow-motion capture was the deal breaker. iPhone will also integrate well with my MacBook Air, Apple TV and my iPads.

The best part of going with the iPhone 5s is that you know that the technology would be more stable on Apple compared to Android. Developers are already upgrading their Apps for iOS7. There is just too much fragmentation on the Android and I prefer my technology that disappears and does not have a steep learning curve. This is what makes Apple great for your grandparents and the FaceTime video conference quality (now comes in HD) is second to none. I will end my reflection with the simple fact that App Response Time is faster on the iPhone 5s.

Source: Extremetech

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