ClassDojo should help with classroom management

Keep track of students with ClassDojo

One of the competencies for Danielson, 2D, has to do with managing student behavior. I already use a timer for Do Now with the Smartboard projecting in the background. This upcoming school year, I was thinking of upgrading to ClassDojo. It might be a free and fun way for students to get feedback for their classroom actions. I think students will have fun creating little monsters to represent themselves and keeping track of their Dojo points. I see it as in incredibly empowering tool for educators, teachers and potentially parents.

I do wish there was an easier integration with Google Apps for Education or Edmodo. Last thing we all need is to remember another username and password.

Best part of it all, as with most tools these days - there is an App for that ;) Let me know your thoughts on this if you have tried it as well. Happy planning for the upcoming school year.

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