Jon Stewart's favorite Bassem Youssef talks at Time 100 dinner

What appeals to me the most about Daily Show's Jon Stewart is that he is not only funny, but witty and an incredibly smart guy. One of his disciples, if you will, Bassem Youssef was imprisoned by the Egyptian authorities for making fun of the government. Dr. Youssef used to be a heart surgeon and currently runs a Daily-Show like Egyptian program. His humor is witty and he seems like a really smart guy as well. This bond and friendship between Bassem and Jon also speaks volumes about the fact that all religion can and should work together for one common purpose - improve humanity - in this case, through laughter - which they say is the best medicine. My sense of sarcasm needs work but I hope to develop it over time. Get in touch with me if you want to be my sarcasm teacher =)

Watch this funny video from Bassem Youssef below from earlier this year:

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