Forbes' Naveen Jain shares his vision on the future of education

The field of education needs an iPhone-like revolution. The following author, published on Forbes, brings forth the science behind making education for adaptive, personalized, effective and addictive. I have highlighted the main points that the author makes and we should seriously consider the role of technology in improving education.

Favorite quote - Imagine how the world will change when we bring “creativity” to science and “logic” to arts.

Creating Adaptive, Personalized, Effective and Addictive Education System for the Next Century - Forbes
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It’s time for us to go back to the drawing board and redesign the education system for the next century. Let me give you my thoughts on the functional specifications of the education system for the next century.
Adaptive – Student Centric Learning
Personalized – Self-paced learning
Gamification for Immersive and Addictive learning 
Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
Collaborative and Peer to Peer learning 
Punishment vs. Encouragement
Role of teacher to humanize the learning
Technology and future of education 

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