Fareed Zakaria and Bill Gates Agrees that Great Teachers make the biggest difference!

It is tragic to hear of studies that put the US at #31 in science compared to other countries around the world. I was stunned to hear that in South Korea they had to pass laws to keep students from studying too much. In Finland, teachers are recruited from the top 10% of their classes and are paid and hold same respect as doctors and lawyers. We do need to focus on great teachers as Bill Gates and Fareed Zakaria and countless others agree on one basic solution to start the Educational reform - Great Teachers! We also need to focus on making learning fun and not a chore. Don't miss "Fixing Education" on CNN GPS this Sunday.

For more information: http://globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com/category/education/

The company that did the ranking is known as PISA. I do like their approach for measuring student learning from an international point of view. Their idea behind ranking is to challenge every country to improve their education rather than simply start a competition. Watch the video behind PISA below -

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