Music Video: Arash - Dasa Bala w/ translation

Persian/Swedish music video with breathtaking visual effects.

Arash - Dasa bala from Farbod Khoshtinat on Vimeo.

Timbuktu: (Dasa bala) put your hands in the sky
emshab shabe bahalas, kaf bezanin, eyvalla
tonight is the night of hot people, clap! bravo!

dasa bala endeshe, kaf bezanin, eyvalla
put your hands in the sky, it's the end of it clap! bravo!

dasa bala dasa bala, googooli
put your hands in the sky! put your hands in the sky! you cutie

too halo hoolim, hamegi shangoolim
we are so happy, and all delighted

dasa bala dasa bala, hamegi
put your hand in the sky! put your hands in the sky! all of you

too halo hoolim, bahale zandegi
we are so happy, and the life is so cool

emshab mikham in shabo yadetoon nare
what I want tonight is that you don't forget this night

volom ta tahe, beraghsim vasate shabe, lab roo labe
the volume is at maximum, let's dance it's the midnight, lips are on the lips

hame jam shodim, dore hamim
we are all here, gathered around

dasaro bedin bala, hamegi kaf bezanin
put your hands in the sky, clap everyone

belarzoonin oon badano eyval
shake that body bravo

oon ghadd o heykal, gher bedin emshab
that nice figure and body, you shake it tonight

dametoon garm ke ta sobh inja hastin
it's cool that you'll stay here 'till morning

mastin, rillaxin o khoob miraghsin
you're drunk, relaxed and dancing well

It’s too good to be true and the truly be good
And people underestimated, but I knew that we could
Rise up from Al Moore all the way to Tehran
People see me on the streets and be like Va? e? de! han?! (what? is? it? him?!)
It’s been a long road, full of pitfalls 
Tonight I celebrated it, now is this wrong?
I’m three times stronger, louder, older
Put up your arms 'till it comes out of your shoulders
Fill up your glass and laugh it up
We goin’ live up the lives so that after us
Nothing is left man, we got a chance if you try
So dasa bala, put your hands up in the sky

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