Tech Gadgets: Facebook for your family? A Dynamic Online based Family Tree.

One of the problem with paper based family tree is how static and limited they are. Not only is it difficult for it to grow, just because it stays within your paper, but on top of that, you are not able to have that dynamic aspect of a family tree so necessary to TRULY have a family tree. With our family growing faster than ever, the geni provides a facebook sort of ability to keep in touch with family. Once you add family members, they have the option to add their own family. This dynamic nature of the Geni family tree makes it stand out from the crowd. The AJAX based visual tree is very easy to navigate and its actually pretty addicting. I like the fact that they advertise it as a "private place", which is pretty appealing to me. They do have the option to connect with facebook but I personally don't know if I am there yet. Their paid service will do some interesting statistical analysis based on your family tree.

For Educators: Your students might be very interested in creating their own family tree, but I would probably be a bit cautious about that if I were you especially with the potential privacy issues.

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