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So very recently, my computer decided to randomly stop working. Supposedly the motherboard was fried so it would not even turn on. Luckily, I always keep backup of all my worksheets and other documents on is by far one of the superior online based storage sites out there. It take collaboration of all sorts of files to a whole new level. Not only does it easily let you share your files with people you want to, but it allows rating, adding comments, prioritizing important files and will do a file search by names of files. The paid version does allow to search through your documents for texts, which just makes cloud computing all the more appealing.

  • It's very easy to sign up but the best part about is how easy it is to share and upload your files directly from MS Word, Excel or Powerpoint using the Add-in Plugin. You may Download the Add-in Plugin Here.

  • One of the FASTEST way to access your files without going through their rich website is to simply point your browser to:

Another benefit of is the Free app for iPhone which allows you to access your documents on the Go. The free version offers as much as 1 GB space online and a upload limit of 25 MB. For as little as $7.95 per month you can increase the limit to 5 GB and 1 GB file size limit.

For Educators: Considering Sharing Materials with the different teachers who teach the same subject. If you combine both of your resources, you will have a place to pick and choose and sort out the best lessons possible. Also the comment option allows you to be collaboratively working with your colleagues on the lessons.

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