Chancellor's Day PD for Teachers: Effective Google Chromebook Usage

Screenshot: Google Chromebooks
As the Data Specialist for the school, I conducted the following Professional Development for our teachers to go over how to engage their students more effectively with Google Chromebooks. Chromebooks are a viable alternative to clunky, bloated and expensive laptops and the DOE now officially offers Google Chromebooks.

Below is the Agenda for my Teacher PD on Chromebooks:

Date: June 4th, 2015


  1. Why use Google Chromebooks?
  2. How to login to Google Chromebooks.
    1. All EBT Student Accounts
    2. Proxy Setup: “Allow Proxy”
    3. No internet? How to Setup Offline Apps on Chromebooks!
  3. One Website:
  4. Google Classroom (
  5. EBTBrooklyn Email Best Practices (
    1. Forward to personal email
    2. Group Email
    3. Priority Email
    4. Setup on Smartphones / Tablets as Exchange (
  6. Google Docs Best Practices (
    1. EBT Templates
    2. Share settings
    3. Email Collaborators as attachments
    4. Revision History
  7. Google Calendar (
    1. Help EBT students become organized
    2. Send reminders to students automatically
  8. Google Slides
    1. Collaborate on Powerpoints with your co-teachers
    2. Share your slides with students for review
  9. Other useful apps to use on Chromebooks
    1. ClassDoJo
    2. Kahoot
  10. Exit Summary on Jupitergrades (Wow, What, Wonder).
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