My goal is to create the ultimate list of Apps / useful websites that I discovered to be smart and useful. Why you ask? Because you never know ;) If there is a better way to do what you currently do, why not take advantage of it! [Also, this is an on-going growing list of awesome I practice growth mindset and lifelong learning...]. Feel free to give me a shout out if any of these tools were helpful for you as well. Some of them might contain affiliate link but I would not include something that I have not tested myself and found to be either a great deal or worth sharing!

APPS / Useful WebTools

  1. Earn 100,000 bonus points with Chase Sapphire Preferred.

  2. Earn $200 cash back with Chase Freedom Flex credit card. 

  3. Marble Pay - Monitor your insurances and earn free money to track them $5 for signing up
  4. Pogo - cash back without paper receipts. 
  5. Lemonade - I saved a lot on my home insurance and they have a referral program for Rental Insurance, Home Insurance and they are starting to get into Car Insurance.
  6. Track Amazon Pricing - Keepa -
  7. SoFi Modern Modern Banking $50 bonus for signing up. Includes fractional stocks.
  8. M1 Finance - More long term stock market trading with pie slices. Each $30 for signing up and premium membership for one year.
  9. Public - Invest in Stocks any amount you can. Great for beginners.
  10. Rakuten - Cash back from most websites. $30 for signing up. 
  11. Fetch rewards for your daily receipts. 
  12. AMEX credit card referral rewards for signing up with referral link 
  13. CoastFi - Get paid $100 a year to rent out your internet at home.
  14. Personal Capital - Budgeting App and overview of your net worth and all transactions. Helps plan. And pays $20 to start using it. 
  15. Venmo - Best way to pay friends. $5 for signing up.

  1. Learn to Code FREE - Codecademy
  2. Science Videos for Free The New Boston
  3. Math Videos for Free The New Boston
  4. Learn to code form your smartphone SoloLearn
  5. Because we all need a math genius AI Math Way
  6. Translate documents instantly - Online Translator
  7. App to Practice Math over and over -
  8. Premade lessons and assessments for differentiation -Freckle
  9. Summarize long texts into paraphrase using AI -
  10. Free NYTimes Access for High School - teachers and students till September 2021.
  11. Free Access Washington Post Access -  If you’ve got a school, government or military email address that ends with .edu, .gov or .mil, you qualify for a free digital subscription.
  12. Bangla to English Translation where you can type in English phonetically
  13. Remove Paywalls to access articles:
  1. Focus Sounds Noisli
  2. Create Custom Designs with free photos Pablo
  3. Download High-Quality FREE Stock photos Unsplash
  4. Moov Fitness Tracker and Personal Coach MoovIt
  5. Groups sign up for slots and reminded automatically
  6. Relaxing Mindful Meditations -
  7. Design free logo
  8. Edit Photos Online -
  9. Free photo editor with no ads -
  10. Stop Unwanted Paper Mail to reduce waste -
  11. Planning a meet across Time Zones? This is a helpful tool called Time&Date. 1pm ET seems to be the magic time if you are considering many of the major time zones at the same time. 

  1. Save paper and make any website print-friendly Print Friendly
  2. Fun doodle and let Google AI guess what Quick Draw
  3. Play Fun Trivia Quiz and compete with friends Grade 1-12 ZipQuiz 
  4. Try to guess where in the world this by looking at clues GeoGuessr
  5. Self-Control App to keep you productive and avoid distracting website. Self Control App
  6. Check NYC Public Driving Records -
  7. NYC Election 2020 Results Comparison - Reddit
  8. Group Greetings Card for birthdays -
  9. Look out the window for a fresh perspective GLOBALLY
  10. Plan Road Trips Road Trippers
  11. Story Worth Gift of Stories that can be printed into books $10 off. 
  12. Play Multiplayer Game of Drawing and Guessing
  13. Bongo cat -

  1. Find an alternative to applications -Alternative To
  2. Online file conversion Zamzer
  3. How to delete any account on the web AccountKiller
  4. Kami App to edit PDF within Chrome Browser Kami
  5. QR Code Generator Best One in my mind -
  6. Convert from PDF to Word ready to download -
  7. Remove Background from any image for FREE
  8. Tile - Find lost stuff

  1. ASOS recycled eco-friendly items 15% off
  2. Arcadia Solar and Wind Power ESCO

  1. Moov Coach - Personal fitness coach with long lasting battery without needing to recharge. Also gives you feedback on your workout. $5 off code. 
  2. Elevate - Brain Training workout. Every day you can work on improving your skills and monitor progress. 
  3.  Mealpal- Eat lunch from variety of restaurants for cheaper - less than $6 meals.