My goal is to create the ultimate list of Apps / useful websites that I discovered to be smart and useful. Why you ask? Because you never know ;) If there is a better way to do what you currently do, why not take advantage of it! [Also, this is an on-going growing list of awesome tools]

APPS / Useful Tools

  1. Track Amazon Pricing - Keepa
  2. Learn to Code FREE - Codecademy
  3. Find alternative to applications -Alternative To
  4. Save paper and make any website print friendly Print Friendly
  5. Science Videos for Free The New Boston
  6. Math Videos for Free The New Boston
  7. Plan Road Trips Road Trippers
  8. Learn to code form your smartphone SoloLearn
  9. Online file conversion Zamzer
  10. Focus Sounds Noisli
  11. Because we all need a math genius AI Math Way
  12. Fun doodle and let Google AI guess what Quick Draw
  13. How to delete any account on the web AccountKiller
  14. Download High Quality FREE Stock photos that you can use anywhere Unsplash
  15. Play Fun Trivia Quiz and compete with friends Grade 1-12 ZipQuiz 
  16. Try to guess where in the world this by looking at clues GeoGuessr
  17. Create Custom Designs with free photos Pablo
  18. Moov Fitness Tracker and Personal Coach MoovIt
  19. Fun trivia game to win cash every day. HQ Live  Referral code: pjamal
  20. Self Control App to keep you productive and avoid distracting website. Self Control App
  21. Kami App to edit PDF within Chrome Browser - Kami
  22. Translate documents instantly - Online Translator
  23. Groups sign up for slots and reminded automatically -
  24. Relaxing Mindful Meditations -
  25. QR Code Generator Best One in my mind -
  26. App to practice Math over and over -
  27. Premade lessons and assessments for differentiation -
  28. Design free logo -
  29. Convert from PDF to Word ready to download -


  1. Discover Credit Card - $50 Cashback Bonus with referral
  2. Qapital Automate Saving - $5 for free signing up
  3. Ebates - $10 just for signing up
  4. Chase Freedom Credit Card - Earn a $150 bonus with Chase Freedom.
  5. ClassPass - Earn $40 for signing up
  6. AirBnB - Your friends get $40 off their first trip on Airbnb - 
  7. Robinhood - Free Stocks and commission free trading
  8. Citibike - Bike Sharing Program in NYC/Jersey City
  9. HelloFresh - Helps you start cooking fresh meals at home.
  10. Clarity App - Analyze and monitor your spendings and get suggestions on how to reduce your spendings.
  11. Sinemia App - Movie Theatre subscription. To get $5 and your free 2D, 3D, IMAX tickets in any theater, join Sinemia
  12. Personal Capital - Keep better track of your finances.  $20 for signing up.
  13. Skiplagged - Flight deals for the cheapest.
  14. Brad's Deals - Teacher discounts



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