My 2024 Total Solar Eclipse Experience from Newport, Vermont [Video]

Come experience the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse from Newport, Vermont captured with an Insta360 camera.

All for this glorious 3 minutes 27 seconds of totality from the only cloud-free location in the US. Our day started 5:30 in the morning drive from NYC to Northeast Vermont - Newport, VI. We made it back home at 4 in the morning (7 hours to travel there and 11 hours to return back). Yes, the Eclipse traffic is real as millions of people traveled to the only cloud-free option for this total eclipse. This is all after canceling my flight to Cleveland, Ohio due to poor cloud cover forecast.

If you want to see my 2017 experience, click here. Till our next Total Solar Eclipse experiences. 


Here is a science explainer video on why this is such a rare occurrence and an opportunity of a lifetime. 

Thanks to my friend Peter for sharing the last one that explains the math and science behind how we calculate Eclipses! It's a truly magical experience that leaves you in awe of the power of math and science.

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