Don't miss the once in a lifetime Great American Solar Eclipse of August 21st, 2017

FREE Solar Eclipse glasses information below. For the first time in 99 years, the total solar eclipse will be visible from the entire United States from coast to coast. This is such a big deal, that there is a term for it, the Great American Eclipse. I plan to travel to Nebraska, Omaha to observe the total solar eclipse. Nebraska is supposed to be the #4 top destinations to watch this once a life-time event. Tons of excellent resources and materials related to total solar eclipse is found in the link above.

NASA also needs your help, to collect data from your location during the solar eclipse. Become a Citizen Scientist and help out NASA by downloading the GLOBE App. More info here.

Even right here in NYC, you should be able to observe a partial solar eclipse. This is a fantastic tool to predict with a visual, how the solar eclipse should look from your location. 

"In NYC, the eclipse will peak at 2:45:02 pm EDT, when the moon obscures 71.4% of the sun." 

Vox also published a fantastic video explaining why this eclipse is such a big deal:

Need a pair of solar eclipse glasses?
Over 2 million free solar eclipse glasses are being distributed to over 4500 local public libraries. Find out where to pick up your free solar eclipse glasses by visiting here

Screenshot of libraries where you can pick up free solar eclipse glasses

Update 8.17.17: Warby Parker is also giving out free solar eclipse glasses. Go pick them up from their store. More info here. Thanks to MfA for the tip.