Daylight Savings Explanations and Funny Trailer for DayLight Savings! #DST

Updated: 10.31.2020

Fall Back and Spring Forward. Twice a year, based on where you live, you have to change your clocks.
One of the best explanations out there behind DST are below - 
Professional [13 minutes] 
Source: PBS 

Practitioner [6 minutes 40 seconds]
Source: YouTube

[2 minutes]
BBC - Daylight Savings from Sun & Moon on Vimeo.

Finally, one of the funniest Trailer to watch regarding Saving DayLight Time, which we can call NOVICE: [2 minutes]

On a more related note, TimeZone is a fascinating concept. How many of you knew the entire country of China has only one timezone? Read about it here (Atlantic) or here (NY Times).

So, where do you stand on Daylight Savings and TimeZones in China? Have you discovered other awesome resources regarding DST? Share away! 

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