Let us put the 2012 doomsday predictions to rest

If you have an ounce of science background and have actually done some research (no, not google search), you would realize how silly the whole doomsday 2012 hype actually is. I hear it from skeptics too often. To put the matter to rest once and for all, I found this great science article (notice the keyword is science and not science fiction). When it comes to space science, I would trust NASA over Sony.

Read, weep and move on after reading the well argument filled article below:

2012 Apocalypse Fears Unfounded, NASA Says
Charles Q. Choi, SPACE.com Contributor
Date: 12 December 2011 Time: 07:49 AM ET

"Despite the hoopla surrounding the date Dec. 21, 2012, the world is not at risk of coming to a halt, NASA says.
Aside from that date marking next year's winter solstice, the longest night of that year, nothing else interesting is expected."

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