iTunes Match: How to get higher quality songs of your music collection

I just decided to subscribe to iTunes Match, and I have to say, I am really glad I did. It was kind of intuitive to figure out the best way to upgrade my low quality music to the higher quality (256 kbps) music.
  1. Once you purchase iTunes Match, iTunes will begin matching your songs and uploading the ones it could not match.
  2. Next to the Search bar, there are four buttons, I recommend clicking the first button for the best listing view.
  3. You then want to right click under list view. Check iCloud Status and Bit Rate to show those columns. 
  4. Now just sort your music based on the songs that were matched. 
  5. Find the songs that you have in your computer with a quality lower than 256kbps. Delete those songs. Don't worry since they are stored on the cloud. Make sure Delete from iCloud choice is unchecked.  
  6. You will be able to select all of the songs that you deleted and download a higher Bit Rate (256 kbps) quality versions of those songs.
Warning: Any songs you have higher than 256 kbps should not be deleted since iTunes will only match 256 kbps quality songs. I decided to keep the songs I have in my collection that have 320 kbps already. This $25 per year investment seems completely worth it. I highly recommend the iTunes Match service to anyone who owns Apple products. Also, use the process I described at your risk. Happy iTunes Matching!

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