EduSciTech Top 5 Thoughts on iPhone 4S

Just finished watching the iPhone 4S Keynote and I have to say that I am a bit disappointed that Steve Jobs was not brought up even once. The guru behind Apple should have been acknowledged at the least because there would literally be no Apple without Steve Jobs.  I will begin with the top 5 features that I am most excited about followed by my top 5 disappointments with the iPhone 4S.

EduScitech's Top 5 iPhone 4s Features

  1. Siri - Definitely revolutionizes and competes well with Android and Microsoft. iPhone finally has voice to text, which has been long sought after.

  2. The New 8MP Camera  with 1080p HD Video - You will no longer need a separate personal camera. Using the volume button for photo capture is just intuitive. Quick editing and the automatic syncing will make life easy for easy. Oh, and the twitter integration does not hurt either.

  3. iCloud - The PC free idea is just incredible. I think people who cannot afford a computer can now benefit from getting an iPod touch even. Students can use or on their iOS devices. Photo, Video, Document and the whole syncing idea is just a clear winner.

  4. iOS - Blackberry can officially be buried at this point. The ability to send text, photos and even videos among all iOS device will revolutionize the way we instantly communicate for FREE.

  5. Friends and Family Finder - I really like the idea of temporary sharing of locations with friends and families. The parental controls seem useful for the next generation children of ours =)

EduSciTech's Top 5 iPhone 4s Disappointments

  1. The Name - iPhone 4S? After all the hype behind the name iPhone 5, I was disappointed with the name 4S.

  2. Tim Cook - I think it became pretty obvious that Tim Cook is no Steve Jobs, at least not when it comes to presentation. As the CEO, he was barely there for any key announcements. Thanks for the redundant reviews of the features of the iPhone 4S though Tim. We miss the signature "One more thing". Terrible presentation compared to the jazz factor that Jobs always brought with him.

  3. Google Maps update is long overdue.

  4. No noticeable improvement to battery life.

  5. Siri only available on iPhone 4S? This seems like a feature that could be accomplished with a software upgrade. Bad Apple.

What are some features you are looking forward to and what were your disappointments? Comment below.


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