From time to time, I like to explore, test and discover good deals and opportunities and keep track of them for myself. Feel free to use them if they work for you as well. This is just a running database that I found helpful for myself. If you benefit from my referrals or discount codes, that's great for you too!

Disclaimer: Some of these might be affiliate links and both you and I might receive credit if you use my referral codes

  1. SoFi Modern Banking $50 Sign Up bonus for banking from your app. 
  2. Lemonade - I saved a lot on my home insurance and they have a referral program.
  3. ASOS recycled eco friendly items 15% off
  4. Moov Coach - Personal fitness coach with long lasting battery without needing to recharge. Also gives you feedback on your workout. $5 off code. 
  5. SoFi Invest Get Free stocks worth $50 and get into the stock market
  6. M1 finance Premium Plus Membership for one year. 
  7. Rakuten - Cash back from most websites. $20 for signing up. 
  8. Fetch rewards for your daily receipts. 
  9. AMEX credit card referral rewards for signing up with referral link 
  10. Free NYTimes Access for High School - teachers and students till September 2021.
  11. Free Access Washington Post Access -  If you’ve got a school, government or military email address that ends with .edu, .gov or .mil, you qualify for a free digital subscription.
  12. CapitalOne Quicksilver credit card for $150 Bonus. A solid card with no fee or foreign transaction fees. 
  13. Arcadia Solar and Wind Power 
  14. GasBuddy - $5 bonus  in free gas on your first fill-up! Just sign up for the FREE GasBuddy card to start saving on every gallon. Use code WB7Z9YJ. 
  15. Tile - Find lost stuff -

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