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As you can imagine, I was a bit skeptical about signing up for MoviePass as anyone else. However, after having the account for about three months now, I am convinced of how incredible of a deal this is. One movie in NYC runs well over the $10 subscription plan for MoviePass. 

The sign up process was farely simple. I received mine within one month. Some are saying that it takes longer. 

The idea is that they send you a debit card. Once you check in to a movie, they put in the cost of the movie into the debit card, which you use to purchase the movie. I have yet to experience any problems with the process. I do miss the ability to purchase tickets in advance, but for $9 a month, I am not complaining. 

Would I have spent $120 a year on movies? Probably not. However, it’s nice to know that you have the option to watch any movies in theatre at any time. Since I don’t pay for cable, the subscription plan makes it worth it in my book. Here’s to hoping that their revenue model lasts.   

If you also enjoy MoviePass, let me know how it’s working for you. 

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